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Navigating Back to the Main Show
2. Choose Custom Show and then select the custom show that you want, as shown
in Figure 18.13. The custom show starts.
FIGURE 18.13
Choose the custom show that you want to jump to.
When you start a custom show, you are no longer in the main presentation. To verify this,
open the shortcut menu again, choose Go to Slide, and check out the list of slides. This list
shows only the slides that belong to the custom show.
Navigating Back to the Main Show
To return to the main show, follow these steps:
1. Press Ctrl+S to open the All Slides dialog box.
2. Open the Show drop-down list and choose All Slides.
3. Select the slide that you want to go to. You can choose from all of the slides in
the entire presentation.
4. Click Go To.
To avoid having to press Ctrl+S to return to the main show, you can create a hyperlink or action button for a specii c
slide in your main show.
Creating a Hyperlink to a Custom Show
Although you learn a lot about hyperlinks in upcoming chapters, here is a preview.
Hyperlinks are hot links that you place on your slides. When you click a hyperlink, you
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