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jump the display to some other location. This is why they are called hot . A hyperlink can
jump to an Internet location, a different spot in your presentation, an external fi le (such as
a Word document), or just about anywhere else.
One way to gain quick access to your custom shows in a presentation is to create hyperlinks
for them on certain key slides that act as jumping points. You can insert a text hyperlink
into any text box, and its text becomes the marker that you click. For example, if you
insert a hyperlink for a custom show called Radio Spots, then the hyperlink text could read
Radio Spots. If you want to get fancier, you can select some existing text or an existing
graphic object and then attach the hyperlink to it. For example, as shown in Figure 18.14, I
have inserted a clip-art image of a radio and set it up to be a hyperlink to the custom show
that provides details about the radio spots.
FIGURE 18.14
You can create hyperlinks on slides that display custom shows.
Hyperlink to
custom show
Text box with
Follow these steps:
1. If you are attaching the hyperlink to another object (such as the radio in
Figure 18.14) or some text, then select the object or text.
2. On the Insert tab, click Hyperlink. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.
3. Click the Place in This Document icon along the left side of the dialog box.
4. In the Select a Place in This Document pane, scroll down to the Custom Shows
5. Click the custom show that you want to jump to with this hyperlink, as shown
in Figure 18.15.
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