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Creating and Using Sections
You do not have to set up a custom show to narrow down the list of slides that appear when you run your presenta-
tion. You can choose which slides you want to show by using the From and To boxes in the Show Slides section, shown
in Figure 18.16. For example, to show slides 5 to 10, you would type 5 in the From box and 10 in the To box.
Creating and Using Sections
When you have lots of slides in a presentation, you may fi nd it helpful to organize them
into sections for easier management in Normal or Slide Sorter view. You can then collapse
or expand the sections to focus in on a subset of the slides, as shown in Figure 18.17.
FIGURE 18.17
Expand or collapse sections.
Collapsed section
Expanded section
Section breaks do not appear in Outline view. They appear only in Normal view.
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