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Creating a Section Break
Creating a Section Break
To divide your presentation into multiple sections, insert a section break between two
slides. All the slides above the break are in one section, and all slides below the break are
in another.
To insert a section break, follow these steps:
1. In Normal view, in the Slides pane, click between two slides. A horizontal line
appears there.
2. Right-click the horizontal line and choose Add Section. A new section break is
You can also select the slide you want to use as the fi rst slide in a section. Then choose
Add Section to make it into a section heading.
Renaming a Section
Each section you create has a default generic name: Untitled Section. You will probably
want to give the sections more meaningful names. To rename a section, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the section name in the Slides pane. A shortcut menu opens, as
shown in Figure 18.18.
FIGURE 18.18
Right-clicking a section name opens a shortcut menu of commands.
2. Click Rename Section. The Rename Section dialog box opens.
3. Type the new name.
4. Click Rename or press Enter.
Instead of steps 1 and 2, you can choose Home
Rename Section.
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