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Deleting a Section
Deleting a Section
There are several options when deleting a section:
Remove Section. Deletes the section break but keeps the section’s slides and places
them in the previous section.
Remove Section & Slides. Deletes the section break and all slides that were within
that section.
Remove All Sections. Deletes all section break lines but keeps all slides.
To do any of these, right-click the section name in the Slides pane and make your selection
from the shortcut menu, as shown in Figure 18.18. You can also use the Section button’s
menu on the Home tab, but it does not contain the Remove Section & Slides option.
Reordering Sections
Sections can be useful for quickly reordering large blocks of slides. Place all the slides
within a single section, and then move the section to move all the slides at once.
To move a section, use either of these techniques:
Right-click the section bar and choose Move Section Up or Move Section Down. See
Figure 18.18.
Drag the section name up or down in the Slides pane. You might fi nd this easier if
you collapse the section, but it is not required.
If you select a section name and then issue the Cut or Delete command, all the slides within that section are removed
but the section itself remains. The section itself is not included in the operation. Therefore, you cannot use the Cut
and Paste commands (Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V) to move sections to different spots in the presentation.
Giving a Presentation on a Different Computer
The computer on which you create a presentation is usually not the same computer that you
will use to show it. For example, you may be doing the bulk of your work on your desktop
computer in your offi ce in Los Angeles but you need to use your laptop computer to give the
presentation in Phoenix.
One way to transfer a presentation to another computer is simply to copy the PowerPoint
fi le (the fi le with the .pptx fi lename extension) using a fl ash drive or other removable
media. However, this method is imperfect because it assumes that the other computer has
all of the fonts, sounds, and other elements that you need for every part of the show. This
can be a dangerous assumption. For example, suppose your presentation contains a link to
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