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Copying a Presentation to CD
some Excel data. If you do not also copy the Excel fi le, then you cannot update the data
when you are on the road.
A better way to ensure that you are taking everything you need while traveling is to use
the Package Presentation for CD feature in PowerPoint. This feature reads all of the linked
fi les and associated objects and ensures that they are transferred along with the main pre-
sentation. You do not actually need to copy the presentation to a writeable CD, and you do
not need a CD-R or CD-RW drive to use this feature. You can copy the presentation package
anywhere you want, such as to a fl ash drive or a network location.
Copying a Presentation to CD
If you have a CD-R or CD-RW drive, then copying the presentation to CD is an attractive
choice. It produces a self-running disc that contains all the presentation fi les and their
needed linked fi les, plus a web page (HTML format) from which you can choose which pre-
sentation fi le to run. That web page also contains a hyperlink you can use to download
the PowerPoint Viewer application if needed. (You need it only if PowerPoint itself is not
installed on the PC on which you want to view the presentation.) Figure 18.19 shows a
sample web page for accessing a package that contains two different presentations, for
FIGURE 18.19
The Package for CD command generates a CD containing all data i les needed to show the
presentation plus a browser-based interface like the one shown here.
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