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Copying a Presentation to CD
You can copy many presentation i les onto a single CD, not just the currently active one, which is included by default.
The only limit is the size of the disc (usually 650MB to 700MB).
Here is the basic procedure, which is elaborated on in the following sections:
1. Place a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc in your writeable CD drive.
2. Make sure the presentation is exactly the way you want it. If you are using a
CD-R disc, keep in mind that this disc type is not rewriteable, and so you should
ensure that the presentation is exactly as you want it.
3. Choose File
Package Presentation for CD
Package for CD. The
Package for CD dialog box opens (Figure 18.20).
FIGURE 18.20
Use the Package for CD feature to place all of the necessary i les for the presentation
on a CD.
4. Type a name for the CD; this is similar to adding a volume label for the disc.
5. (Optional) Add more files to the CD if you want. See the next section, “Creating
a CD Containing Multiple Presentation Files,” for more details.
6. (Optional) Set any options that you want. See the section “Setting Copy Options”
later in this chapter, for more details.
7. Click Copy to CD.
8. If a warning appears asking if you want to include linked files in your pack-
age, click Yes.
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