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Creating a CD Containing Multiple Presentation Files
The CD-writing process may take several minutes, depending on the writing speed
of your CD drive and the size of the presentation fi les that you are placing on it.
If a message appears that the package will not include comments, revisions, or ink
annotations, click Continue. This message appears only if your presentation con-
tains any of those things.
A message appears when the fi les are successfully copied to the CD asking whether
you want to copy the same fi les to another CD.
9. Click Yes or No. If you choose No, then you must also click Close to close the
Package for CD dialog box.
The resulting CD automatically plays the presentations when you insert it in any computer.
You can also browse the CD’s contents to open the PowerPoint Viewer separately and use it
to play specifi c presentations.
File corruption can occur on a CD drive during the writing process. After burning a CD, test it thoroughly by run-
ning the complete presentation from CD before you rely on the CD copy as the version that you take with you while
Creating a CD Containing Multiple Presentation Files
By default, the active presentation is included on the CD, but you can also add others, up
to the capacity of your disc. For example, if you have several versions of the same presen-
tation for different audiences, a single CD can contain all of them. As you are preparing
to copy the fi les using the Package for CD dialog box, shown in Figure 18.20, follow these
steps to add more fi les:
1. Click Add. An Add dialog box opens, similar to the Open dialog box that you use to
open PowerPoint fi les.
2. Select the additional files that you want to include, and click Add to return
to the Package for CD dialog box. The list of fi les now appears as shown in
Figure 18.21.
You can select multiple fi les from the same location by holding down the Ctrl key
as you click the ones you want. To include multiple fi les from different locations,
repeat steps 1 and 2 for each location.
3. (Optional) Rearrange the list by clicking a presentation and then clicking the
up or down arrow buttons to the left of the list.
4. If you need to remove a presentation from the list, click it and then click
5. Continue making the CD as you normally would.
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