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Copying a Presentation to Other Locations
The Embedded TrueType Fonts check box is also selected by default. If you are sure
that the destination computer contains all of the fonts that are used in the presen-
tation, then deselect this option. This makes the presentation fi le slightly smaller.
Remember, not all fonts can be embedded; this depends on the level of embedding
allowed by the font’s manufacturer.
2. If you want to add passwords for the presentations, do so in the Enhance
Security and Privacy section. There are separate text boxes for the password
needed to open and the password needed to modify the presentation.
3. Select the Inspect Presentations for Inappropriate or Private Information check
box if you want to check the presentation for private information, such as your
name or any comments. The Document Inspector window opens. Select the types
of content you want to check for and click Inspect.
4. Click OK, and then write the CD as you normally would.
Copying a Presentation to Other Locations
Although it is not well known, you can also use the Package Presentation for CD feature
to copy presentation fi les and their associated support fi les to any location you want. For
example, you can transfer fi les to another computer on a network or place them on a fl ash
drive. To do so, follow these steps:
1. In the Package for CD dialog box, set up the package exactly the way you want
it, including all of the presentation files and options. See the preceding sections
for more information.
2. Click Copy to Folder. A Copy to Folder dialog box appears.
3. Type a name for the new folder in the Name the Folder text box.
4. Type a path for the folder in the Choose Location text box.
5. Click OK.
6. If a warning appears about linked files, click Yes or No as appropriate.
PowerPoint copies the fi les to the location you specifi ed.
7. If a warning appears about comments or ink annotations, click Continue.
8. Click Close to close the Package for CD dialog box.
To make a DVD video of your presentation, see Chapter 20, “Preparing a Presentation for Mass
Working with Audio-Visual Equipment
The fi rst part of this chapter assumed that you were using a computer with a single moni-
tor to show your presentation, but this may not always be the case. This part of the chapter
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