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Changing the View
Some features use panes instead of dialog boxes.
Changing the View
A view is a way of displaying your presentation on-screen. PowerPoint comes with several
views because at different times during the creation process, it is helpful to look at the
presentation in different ways. For example, when you add a graphic to a slide, you need
to work closely with that slide, but when you rearrange the slide order, you need to see the
presentation as a whole.
PowerPoint offers the following presentation views:
Normal. A combination of several resizable panes so you can see the presentation
in multiple ways at once. Normal is the default view.
Outline. A variant of Normal view in which slide content appears as a text outline
in the left pane rather than as graphical slide thumbnails. This view is available
only from the View tab.
Slide Sorter. A light-table-type overhead view of all the slides in your presenta-
tion, laid out in sections and rows, suitable for big-picture rearranging.
Slide Show. The view you use to show the presentation on-screen. Each slide fi lls
the entire screen in its turn. This view is not available from the View tab, but it
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