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Configuring Display Hardware for Multi-Screen Viewing
Coni guring Display Hardware for Multi-Screen Viewing
First, you need to prepare your hardware. On a laptop computer, this means enabling both
the built-in and the external monitor ports and connecting an external monitor. Some
laptops toggle between internal, external, and dual monitors with an Fn key combination;
refer to your laptop’s documentation.
On a desktop computer, install a second video card and monitor, and then do the following
to set them up in Windows:
1. When Windows restarts after you install the second video card, right-click the
Desktop and choose Screen Resolution.
A sample area displays two monitors. Figure 18.23 shows the Screen Resolution dia-
log box for Windows 7; the dialog boxes for other Windows versions are similar.
FIGURE 18.23
You must set up the second monitor in Windows before setting it up in PowerPoint.
The monitor that you use most of the time should be monitor 1, and the other one
should be monitor 2. To determine which is which, click Identify; large numbers
appear briefl y on each screen.
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