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Setting Up a Presentation for Two Screens
2. If you need to swap the numbering of the monitors, click the one that should be
the primary monitor and then select Make This My Main Display. This option will
be unavailable if the currently selected monitor is already set to be the primary one.
3. Select the secondary monitor, and then select Extend These Displays from the
Multiple Displays drop-down list.
4. (Optional) If the monitors are not arranged in the sample area in the way that
they are physically positioned on your desk, drag the icons for the monitors to
where you want them.
5. (Optional) Click a monitor in the sample area to adjust its display settings.
6. Click OK. You are now ready to work with the two monitors in PowerPoint.
You can now drag items from your primary monitor to your secondary one! This can also
be useful outside of PowerPoint. For example, you can have two applications open at once,
each in its own monitor window.
Setting Up a Presentation for Two Screens
If you have two monitors available, and confi gured as described in the preceding section,
you can use the following steps to help PowerPoint recognize and take advantage of these
1. Open the presentation in PowerPoint.
2. On the Slide Show tab, click Set Up Slide Show. The Set Up Show dialog box
opens (Figure 18.24).
FIGURE 18.24
You can set up the show for multiple monitors in the Set Up Show dialog box.
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