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Changing the View
is available in several other places, including in the status bar and in the Quick
Access Toolbar.
Reading. Similar to Slide Show view, except it’s windowed and the status bar
remains in view. You can use Reading view to check your work as if you were show-
ing the slide show but still retain access to certain commands.
Notes Page. A view with the slide at the top of the page and a text box below it for
typed notes. (You can print these notes pages to use during your speech.) This view
is available only from the View tab.
This chapter covers only the presentation views (that is, regular views in which you can see the individ-
ual content of each slide). The master views are discussed in Chapter 4; master views enable you to
make global changes to many slides at once.
There are two ways to change a view: Click a button on the View tab, or click one of the
view buttons at the right end of the status bar at the bottom of the screen, shown in
Figure 1.18. Not every view is available in both places.
Select a view from the View tab or from the viewing controls in the bottom-right corner
of the screen.
Slide Show
View buttons
Slide Sorter
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