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Creating a Friendly Text Hyperlink
The steps for creating a hyperlink take you through the process generically; see the sections in “Choosing the
Hyperlink Address” later in the chapter for specii c information about various kinds of hyperlinks you can create.
Either way, follow these steps:
1. To use existing text, select the text or its text box. Otherwise, just position the
insertion point where you want the hyperlink.
2. On the Insert tab, click Hyperlink, or press Ctrl+K. The Insert Hyperlink dialog
box opens (Figure 19.3).
Insert a hyperlink by typing the text to display and choosing the URL or other loca-
tion to jump to.
If the Hyperlink button is not available on the Insert tab, check to make sure you have positioned the insertion point
in a text box or selected some text.
3. In the Text to Display field, type or edit the hyperlink text. This text is what
appears underlined on the slide. Any text you’ve selected appears in this fi eld by
default; changing the text here changes it on your slide as well.
4. Enter the hyperlink or select it from one of the available lists. (See the follow-
ing section, “Choosing the Hyperlink Address,” to learn about your options in this
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