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Choosing the Hyperlink Address
5. (Optional) If you want the ScreenTip to show something different when the
user points the mouse at the hyperlink, click the ScreenTip button and enter
the text for the ScreenTip. The ScreenTip is text that pops up when you hover the
mouse over the hyperlink. See Figure 19.4. The default ScreenTip for a hyperlink is
its address (URL) or the fi le path if it is a fi le stored on a local disk.
Enter a custom ScreenTip if desired.
6. Click OK to close the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box.
7. Click OK to accept the newly created hyperlink.
Ideally the combination of the hyperlink text and the ScreenTip should provide both the actual address and some
friendly explanation of it. If the bare address appears as the hyperlink text, use friendly text describing the link loca-
tion as the ScreenTip. If the friendly text appears as the hyperlink text, use the actual address as the ScreenTip.
The options in step 4 for selecting the address were purposely glossed over because this is a
rather complex topic. The various options are shown in the next sections.
Choosing the Hyperlink Address
You can use the Insert Hyperlink dialog box to create a hyperlink to any address that’s
accessible via the computer where the presentation will run. Although many people think
of a hyperlink as an Internet address, it can actually be a link to any fi le, application,
Internet location, or slide.
A hyperlink will not work if the person viewing the presentation does not have access to the needed i les and pro-
grams or does not have the needed Internet or network connectivity. A hyperlink that works i ne on your own PC might
not work after the presentation has been transferred to the user’s PC.
You can hyperlink to any of the following items:
Other slides in the current presentation
Slides in other presentations (if you provide access to those presentations)
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