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Creating a Link to an Application for Creating a New Document
To link to a data fi le, start the hyperlink normally (on the Insert tab, click Hyperlink) and
click Existing File or Web Page if that is not already selected. Then do one of the following:
Click Current Folder to display a fi le management interface from which you can
select any folder or drive on your system. You can open the Look In list and choose
Computer to start from the top level of your drive/folder structure and then navi-
gate to the location containing the fi le and select it. See Figure 19.6.
You can browse i les on your hard disk by choosing Current Folder and then setting
Look In to Computer.
Choose Computer.
Select Current Folder.
Double-click a drive to view its content.
Click Recent Files to display a list of the fi les you have recently opened on your PC
(all types), and click the fi le you want from the list.
Complete the hyperlink normally from that point. You are not limited to only a folder on
your local drives if you choose Current Folder; you can open the Look In list and choose My
Network Places to browse the network. However, make sure the PC on which the presenta-
tion will be displayed will also have access to this same location.
Creating a Link to an Application for Creating a New Document
Perhaps you want the audience to be able to create a new document by clicking a hyper-
link. For example, perhaps you would like them to be able to provide information about
their experience with your Customer Service department. One way to do this is to let them
create a new document using a program that they have on their system, such as a word
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