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Creating a Link to an Application for Creating a New Document
Keep in mind that not everyone will have the same applications you do. A new document hyperlink will not work if the
user does not have an appropriate application for creating that i le type.
To create a link that creates a new document in an application, start the hyperlink nor-
mally. Click the Create New Document button, and the controls in the Insert Hyperlink dia-
log box change to those shown in Figure 19.7.
You can create a new document with a hyperlink.
Type name for new document here.
Click Create
New Document.
Enter the name of the new document that you want the user to create. The type of docu-
ment created depends on the fi lename extension you include. For example, to create a Word
document, use the .doc or .docx extension. See Table 19.1 for other fi lename extensions.
If the path where it should be stored is not correct in the Full Path area, click the Change
button. Navigate to the desired location, and click OK to return. Then click Edit the New
Document Later and fi nish up normally.
If you provide this presentation to multiple users, each one will use the same i lename for the new document. This
can be a problem because one i le may overwrite another. It might be easier to collect information from multiple
users using an e-mail address hyperlink (discussed later in this chapter).
The most important part about adding a link to create a new fi le is to make sure you use a
fi lename extension that corresponds to a program that users have on the PCs where they
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