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Creating a Link to an Application for Creating a New Document
will be viewing the presentation. When a program is installed, it registers its extension
(the usually-three-character code after the period in a fi le’s name) in the Windows Registry
so that any data fi les with a name that includes the extension are associated with that
program. For example, when you install Microsoft Word, it registers the extension .docx
for itself, and PowerPoint registers .pptx for its own use. Table 19.1 lists some of the more
common fi le types and their registered fi lename extensions on most PCs. Also make sure
that the location you specify for the full path will always be accessible whenever the pre-
sentation is run.
If you need to hyperlink to an executable i le but you do not need a new document (for example, to link to a pro-
gram like Calculator), do not use Hyperlink on the Insert tab. Instead, click Action on the Insert tab and choose Run
Program as the action. For the program to run, use the full path to the application, in quotation marks. Because you
must enter the full path to each of these, the link will probably not work when the presentation is run on a different
TABLE 19.1 Commonly Used Extensions for Popular Programs
Filename Extension
Associated Program
.docx , .docm , .doc
Microsoft Word, or WordPad if Word is not installed. Use for docu-
ments if you are not sure whether your audience has Word but you
are sure they at least have Windows 95. The Word 2007 format is
.docx , and .docm is the macro-enabled version of that. The format
for Word 2003 and earlier is .doc .
Notepad, a plain text editor. Creates text i les without any formatting.
Not the i rst choice for documents unless you specii cally need them
to be without formatting.
Rich Text format, a l exible, application-independent word process-
ing format. It works in WordPad (the free word processor in Windows)
and also in most other word processing programs, including Word
and WordPerfect. This is a good choice if you don’t know which word
processing program is installed on the PC.
Microsoft Paint (which comes free with Windows) or some other more
sophisticated graphics program if one is installed.
Microsoft Access, a database program.
Microsoft Project, a project management program.
.pptx or .ppt
Microsoft PowerPoint (you know what that is!). The 2007 version is
.pptx ; the version for 2003 and earlier is .ppt .
.xlsx , .xlsm , .xls
Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program. The extensions .xlsx and
.xlsm are the 2007 versions (non–macro enabled and macro
enabled, respectively) and .xls is the 2003 and earlier version.
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