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Creating a Link to an E-Mail Address
Creating a Link to an E-Mail Address
You can also create a link that opens the user’s e-mail program and addresses an e-mail to a
certain recipient. For example, perhaps you want users to e-mail feedback to you about how
they liked your presentation or send you requests for more information about your product.
For an e-mail hyperlink to work, the person viewing the presentation must have an e-mail application installed on
their PC and at least one e-mail account coni gured for sending e-mail. This isn’t always a given, but it’s probably
more likely than betting that they have a certain application installed.
To create an e-mail hyperlink, either type the e-mail address directly into the text box on
the slide (for a bare hyperlink) or start a hyperlink normally with the Hyperlink button on
the Insert tab. Then click the E-mail Address button in the dialog box and fi ll in the e-mail
address and an optional subject line. PowerPoint will automatically add mailto: in front
of the address. Then complete the hyperlink normally. See Figure 19.8.
You can use a hyperlink to send e-mail.
: is appended automatically.
Click E-mail
Subject is optional.
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