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Editing or Removing a Hyperlink
Editing or Removing a Hyperlink
If you need to change the displayed text for the hyperlink, simply edit it just as you do any
text on a slide. Move the insertion point into it and press Backspace or Delete to remove
characters, and then retype new ones.
If you need to change the address, or the ScreenTip, right-click the hyperlink and choose
Edit Hyperlink. The Edit Hyperlink dialog box appears, which is identical to the Add
Hyperlink dialog box except for the name. From there you can change any properties of the
link, just as you did when you created it initially.
To remove a hyperlink, you can either delete the text completely (select it and press Delete)
or just remove the hyperlink from the text, leaving the text intact. To do the latter, right-
click the hyperlink and choose Remove Hyperlink.
Creating Graphical Hyperlinks
There are two ways to create a graphics-based hyperlink. Both involve skills that you
have already learned in this chapter. Both work equally well, but you may fi nd that you
prefer one to the other. The Action Settings method is a little bit simpler, but the Insert
Hyperlink method allows you to browse for web addresses more easily.
Creating a Graphical Hyperlink with Action Settings
A graphics-based hyperlink is really no more than a graphic with an action setting attached
to it. You set it up just as you do with the action buttons (which you will learn more about
later in this chapter), by following these steps:
1. Place the graphic that you want to use for a hyperlink.
2. Click the graphic, and then on the Insert tab, click Action. The Action Settings
dialog box opens.
3. Choose Hyperlink To.
4. Open the Hyperlink To drop-down list and choose URL. The Hyperlink to URL
dialog box opens.
5. Type the URL to link to and click OK as shown in Figure 19.9.
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