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Creating a Graphical Hyperlink with Insert Hyperlink
You can create a hyperlink via an action setting.
If you are using an e-mail address, type mailto: in front of the address you enter when creating the hyperlink. If
you do not, PowerPoint will automatically add http:// in front of it and the link will not work.
6. Click OK in the Action Settings dialog box.
Now the graphic functions just like an action button in the presentation; the audience can
click it to jump to the specifi ed location.
Creating a Graphical Hyperlink with Insert Hyperlink
If you would like to take advantage of the superior address-browsing capabilities of the
Insert Hyperlink dialog box when setting up a graphical hyperlink, follow these steps
instead of the preceding ones:
1. Place the graphic that you want to use for a hyperlink.
2. Right-click it and choose Hyperlink, or choose Insert
from the Ribbon. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.
3. Choose the location, as you learned earlier in this chapter for text-based
hyperlinks. The only difference is that the Text to Display box is unavailable
because there is no text. If you typed the text in a graphic, Text to Display is
4. Click OK.
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