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Placing an Action Button on a Slide
5. The Action Settings dialog box appears. Make sure the Mouse Click tab is on top,
as shown in Figure 19.11.
FIGURE 19.11
Specify what should happen when you click the action button.
6. Confirm or change the hyperlink set up there:
If the action button should take the reader to a specifi c location , make sure the
correct slide appears in the Hyperlink To box. Refer to Table 19.2 in the preced-
ing section to see the default setting for each action button. Table 19.3 lists the
choices you can make and what they do.
If the action button should run a program , choose Run Program and enter the
program’s name and path, or click Browse to locate it. For example, you could
open the Calculator application from an action button. The executable fi le that
runs it is calc.exe .
If the action button should play a sound , make sure the Play Sound check box
is marked, and choose the correct sound from the Play Sound drop-down list (or
pick a different sound fi le by choosing Other Sound).
7. Click OK. The button has been assigned the action you specifi ed.
8. Add more action buttons as desired by repeating these steps.
9. If you are working in Slide Master view, exit it by clicking the Close Master
View button.
10. Test your action buttons in Slide Show view to make sure they jump where you
want them to.
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