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Formatting and Changing the Shape of an Action Button
3. Type your text, and then click away from the button when you are finished. If
you need to edit the text later, simply click the text to move the insertion point
back into it, just as you do with any text box.
Formatting and Changing the Shape of an Action Button
You can format action buttons just as you can other shapes, as you learned to do in Chapter
9, “Drawing and Formatting Objects.” You can apply borders, fi lls, and effects to them and
apply Shape Style presets. You can also use WordArt styles or individual text formatting
controls to format the text on them.
To make action buttons of different shapes, you can use the Change Shape button, as in the
following steps:
1. Select the action button(s) to change.
2. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Insert Shapes
Edit Shape
3. Click a different shape.
Figure 19.12 shows some examples of custom buttons you can create with your own text
and some shape formatting.
FIGURE 19.12
You can create any of these sets of action buttons by typing and formatting text on
blank buttons.
Creating Your Own Action Buttons
You can create an action button out of any object on your slide: a drawn shape, a piece
of clip art, a photograph, a text box — anything. To do so, from the Insert tab just click
Action. Then, set the On Click action to Hyperlink To, Run Program, or Play Sound, just as
you did for the action buttons in the preceding sections.
Make sure you clearly label the object that you are using as an action button so that the
users will know what they are getting when they click it. You can add text to the object
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