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Creating Self-Running Presentations
directly (for example, with an AutoShape), or you can add a text box next to the button
that explains its function. If you want to use a ScreenTip to label the item, use a hyperlink
rather than an action setting.
Creating Self-Running Presentations
Self-running presentations are not exactly user interactive because the user does not par-
ticipate in their running. The show runs at its own pace and the user sits (or stands) pas-
sively and observes it.
Not sure when you might use a self-running presentation in your daily life? Here are some
Trade shows. A self-running presentation outlining your product or service can
run continuously in your booth on equipment as simple as a laptop and an external
monitor. People who might not feel comfortable talking to a salesperson may stop a
few moments to watch a colorful, multimedia slide show.
Conventions. Trying to provide hundreds of convention-goers with some basic
information, such as session starting times or cocktail party locations? Set up an
information booth in the convention center lobby to provide this information. The
slide show can loop endlessly through three or four slides that contain meeting
room locations, schedules, and other critical data.
In-store sales. Retail stores can increase sales by strategically placing PC monitors
in areas of the store where customers gather. For example, if there is a line where
customers stand waiting for the next available register or clerk, you can show those
waiting customers a few slides that describe the benefi ts of extended warranties or
that detail the special sales of the week.
Waiting areas. Auto repair shops and other places where customers wait for some-
thing to be done provide excellent sales opportunities. The customers don’t have
anything to do except sit and wait, so they will watch just about anything —
including a slide presentation informing them of the other services that your shop
The most important aspect of a self-running show is that it loops continuously until you
stop it. This is important because there won’t be anyone there to restart it each time it ends.
To set up the show to do just that, follow these steps:
1. On the Slide Show tab, click Set Up Slide Show. The Set Up Show dialog box
2. Mark the Loop Continuously until ‘Esc’ check box. See Figure 19.13. Notice that
the Loop Continuously until ‘Esc’ check box is set permanently to On whenever
Browsed at a Kiosk is selected.
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