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Setting Up the Microphone
to a laser pointer without having to hold down Ctrl, click the Pointers button in the lower-
left corner of the screen in Slide Show view and click Laser Pointer. To change the laser
pointer’s color, choose Slide Show
Set Up Show and select a color from the Laser
Pointer Color drop-down palette (see Figure 19.13). You cannot change the laser pointer
color from the Pointers menu in Slide Show view.
Set Up
Setting Up the Microphone
The fi rst time you record narration, you will probably need to confi gure your microphone to
make sure the volume level is set appropriately.
First, make sure the microphone is enabled. Here’s how:
1. Open the Control Panel in Windows. In Windows 8, choose the Settings charm and
then click Control Panel; in Windows 7, choose Control Panel from the Start menu.
2. Click Hardware and Sound.
3. Under the Sound heading, click Manage Audio Devices. The Sound dialog box
4. Click the Recording tab. A list of available microphones appears here. (You might
have only one.) See Figure 19.14.
FIGURE 19.14
Select the microphone you want to use, and make it the default device.
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