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Normal and Outline Views
Outline view (shown in Figure 1.20) is identical to Normal view except instead of the slide
thumbnails on the left, you see a text outline.
Outline view shows a text outline at the left and an editing window at the right.
Slide pane
An optional Notes pane is available at the bottom of the window in Normal or Outline view;
click Notes on the status bar to display or hide it. An optional Comments pane appears and
disappears on the right when you click Comments on the status bar. (Normal view only, as
shown in Figure 1.19).
Each of the panes in Normal view has its own scroll bar, so you can move in it indepen-
dently of the other panes. You can resize the panes by dragging the dividers between
the panes. For example, to give the notes area more room, point the mouse pointer at the
divider line between it and the slide area so that the mouse pointer becomes a double-
headed arrow, and then hold down the left mouse button as you drag the line up to a new
spot. To get the Thumbnails (or Outline) pane out of the way, drag the divider between it
and the slide editing pane as far as possible to the left.
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