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Setting Up the Microphone
If you don’t see Hardware and Sound as a category in Control Panel, you are probably not in Category view. On the
upper-left part of the Control Panel window, click Category view.
5. If you have more than one microphone listed, make sure the one you want to
use is set as the default device. (Right-click it and choose Set as Default Device,
or click it and then click Set Default. If it is already the default, the command is
6. Select the microphone and then click Configure. The Speech Recognition section
of Control Panel opens.
7. Click Set Up Microphone. The Microphone Setup Wizard runs (Figure 19.15).
FIGURE 19.15
Work through the wizard to set up your microphone.
8. Follow the prompts to complete your microphone setup. The exact steps depend
on the microphone type you chose (in the Sound dialog box, shown in
Figure 19.15).
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