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Recording the Presentation
Recording the Presentation
When you record the presentation, you are recording several things at once: narration,
transition and animation timing, and laser pointer movements.
You can do all your recording in a single pass, but if you fl ub the narration for a slide, keep
going and don’t start over because you can go back and rerecord the narration for a par-
ticular slide later.
Follow these steps to record the presentation:
1. Plug the microphone into your Mic port on your computer, and test it to make
sure it is working.
2. Choose Slide Show
Record Slide Show. (Click the top part of the but-
ton, not the arrow beneath it.) The Record Slide Show dialog box appears. It con-
tains two check boxes:
Set Up
Slide and Animation Timings
Narrations and Laser Pointer
3. Leave both check marks selected (to record all of those things) and click Start
Recording to begin the recording.
The presentation opens in Slide Show view, with a Recording fl oating toolbar in the
upper-left corner, as shown in Figure 19.16.
FIGURE 19.16
Record both narration and timings in a single pass.
Repeat (rerecord
current slide)
Pause Recording
4. Speak into the microphone to narrate the first slide. When you are ready to
move to the next slide, click the mouse.
If you make a mistake on a slide, you can click the Repeat button (see Figure 19.16)
to start that slide over. Alternatively, you can just go on to the next slide; you can
rerecord the narration for individual slides later.
5. Move slide by slide through the presentation until you have recorded all the
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