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Rerecording Narration for Certain Slides
When you reach the last slide, the presentation switches to Slide Sorter view. Under
each slide is information about what was recorded, as shown in Figure 19.17.
Star indicates that there is a transition or animation effect.
Time shows the total amount of time that slide will remain on-screen.
Speaker indicates that there is recorded narration for that slide.
FIGURE 19.17
Recorded data appears below each slide.
Rerecording Narration for Certain Slides
It’s very hard to get all the narration recorded correctly in a single try! Most people have to
go back and rerecord the narration for at least one slide. To rerecord narration for only part
of the presentation, follow these steps:
1. In Normal view, select the slide you want to rerecord.
2. Choose Slide Show
Record Slide Show
Start Recording from Current Slide.
3. Click Start Recording.
4. Record the narration for that slide.
5. Continue on to other slides by clicking through the presentation normally, or
press Esc if you don’t want to record narration for the next slides.
Removing Narration
You can remove the narration either from individual slides or from the entire presentation:
To remove narration from a single slide, select it and then choose Slide Show
Record Slide Show
Clear Narration on Current Slide.
To remove narration from all slides, choose Slide Show
Set Up
Record Slide
Clear Narrations on All Slides.
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