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Using Kiosk Mode
You can also delete the speaker icon from the lower-right corner of a slide to remove its
Using Kiosk Mode
A kiosk is a self-serve booth or workstation where people can view something without
supervision. You have probably seen information kiosks at malls, for example, where users
can click or touch buttons on-screen to get information.
When providing a computer to operate unattended to the public, one major concern is that
some prankster will come along and tamper with the system. You will learn about some
ways to thwart that kind of tampering in the next section, “Setting Up a Secure System,”
but fi rst let’s look at one really basic thing you can do: Enable Kiosk mode.
When Kiosk mode is enabled, keyboard navigation is not possible (except for pressing Esc
to exit Slide Show view), so users must employ the action buttons and hyperlinks on the
slides for navigation. If you place a presentation in Kiosk mode and then hide the key-
board, users will only be able to view the content to which you have linked.
To enable Kiosk mode, follow these steps:
1. On the Slide Show tab, click Set Up Slide Show. The Set Up Show dialog box
opens (see Figure 19.18).
FIGURE 19.18
Set up the slide show for Kiosk mode.
Kiosk mode
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