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Setting Up a Secure System
2. In the Show Type area, click Browsed at a Kiosk (Full Screen).
3. Click OK.
Setting Up a Secure System
Security is a defi nite concern in self-running presentations. Anytime you leave a computer
unattended with the public, you run the risk of tampering and theft. At the very least,
some guru geek will come along and experiment with your PC to see what you’ve got and
whether they can do anything clever with it. At the worst, your entire computer setup
could disappear entirely.
There are two levels of security involved in unattended presentation situations:
The security of the physical hardware
The security that the presentation will continue to run
Securing Your Hardware
For the most foolproof hardware security, get it out of sight. Hide everything except the
monitor in a locked drawer, cabinet, or panel of the kiosk you are using, if possible. If you
are at a trade show or convention where you don’t have the luxury of a lockable system, at
least put everything except the monitor under a table, and try to make sure that someone
is attending the booth at all times.
Don’t drape running computers with cloth or any other material that inhibits the airl ow around them; doing so
increases the risk of overheating.
In an unattended setting, the best way to protect your monitor from walking off is to place
it behind a Plexiglas panel where nobody can touch it. Without such a barrier, you run the
risk of some jokester turning off its power or turning down its contrast, and anyone who
knows something about computers could walk right up and disconnect it and carry it away.
You can also buy various locking cables at computer stores and offi ce supply centers. These
cables lock down computer equipment to prevent it from being removed. They include steel
cables with padlocks, metal locking brackets, and electronically controlled magnetic locks.
Making Sure the Presentation Continues to Run
I admit that I am guilty of disrupting other people’s presentations. When I walk up to an
unattended computer in a store, the fi rst thing I do is abort whatever program is running
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