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Changing a File’s Properties
PowerPoint automatically saves some properties for you, such as the author name, and pro-
vides opportunities for you to save additional properties. Properties can be helpful when
you are searching for a certain fi le or maintaining a presentation library, as discussed in
Chapter 21, “Sharing and Collaborating.” However, when you are distributing a presentation
widely, you might prefer to remove some or all of its properties to preserve your privacy.
Changing a File’s Properties
To add or change a fi le’s properties, open the File menu. On the right side of the Info tab,
click Properties. On the menu that appears, choose Show Document Panel.
You can then add, delete, or change the fi le’s document properties, as shown in Figure 20.1.
To close the Document Properties panel, click the X in its upper-right corner.
Use the Document Properties panel to assign or change document metadata.
You can fi nd the following properties in the Document Properties panel:
Author. Filled in automatically from the username that you specifi ed when you
installed Offi ce.
Title. By default, the title is the fi rst line of the document.
Subject, Keywords, Category, and Status. By default, these fi elds are empty, but
you can specify your own information and settings.
The author’s name is automatically added to each i le that you create in PowerPoint based on the username that you
specii ed when you installed Ofi ce. To change this name, choose File
Options, click General, and then change the
entry in the User Name box.
You can also display a Properties dialog box for the fi le, in which you can set advanced
properties. To do this, click the down arrow next to Document Properties on the Document
Properties panel (Figure 20.1), and on the menu that opens, click Advanced Properties.
Alternatively, you can open the File menu again and once again click Properties on the
right side of the Info tab. On the menu that appears, choose Advanced Properties.
The Properties dialog box is the same dialog box that you would see if you right-clicked
the fi le and then clicked Properties from outside of PowerPoint (that is, from File Explorer
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