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Removing Personal Information from a File
3. In the Value field, type the desired value for this property.
4. Click Add to add the property, type, and value to the Properties list, as shown
in Figure 20.3.
Set a custom property in the Custom tab.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to add more custom properties, if needed; then click OK.
Removing Personal Information from a File
Before you distribute a PowerPoint fi le, you might want to remove some of the properties
from it that contain sensitive information. For example, if you have entered confi dential
information about a client in the Comments property, you may not want the client or oth-
ers to see it.
If you can remember all of the properties that you set for the fi le, then you can go back in
and remove them manually, as you learned in the preceding section. However, it is much
easier to use the Document Inspector feature in PowerPoint to remove personal information
from the fi le. Follow these steps:
1. If you have made any changes to the presentation since it was last saved, save
it again.
2. Choose File
Check for Issues
Inspect Document. The Document
Inspector dialog box opens (Figure 20.4).
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