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Removing Personal Information from a File
Inspect the presentation for information that you might want to remove.
3. Select or deselect the check boxes for the various types of information that
you want to look for. The personal information contained in properties falls under
the Document Properties and Personal Information category.
4. Click Inspect.
5. Review the inspection results. Categories in which items have been found display
their fi ndings; categories in which no items have been found appear with check
marks, as shown in Figure 20.5.
6. For each category that you want to clear, click Remove All.
7. When you are finished, click Reinspect to check the document again, or click
Close to end the process.
Be careful that you don’t remove hidden objects you want to keep or strip all the speaker notes out of a presentation
unintentionally. One way to ensure that you don’t do this is to perform the inspection on a copy of the presentation,
not the original.
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