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Checking for Compatibility and Usability
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Checking for Compatibility and Usability
Before you send your presentation off to a remote audience, think about what their needs
might be. Do they have an earlier version of PowerPoint than you do? Do some of them have
disabilities that might make it diffi cult for them to view your presentation? In the follow-
ing sections, you’ll learn about some features that can help you make your presentation
more accessible to a wider audience without very much extra work on your part.
Assessing Prior-Version Compatibility
If you plan to share your presentation with people who have earlier versions of PowerPoint,
you need to send it to them in a format that they can display and edit. The “display” part
is actually easier than the “edit” part because, generally speaking, when you convert a
modern PowerPoint fi le to PowerPoint 97-2003 format, it retains most of its original appear-
ance, from a Slide Show view perspective. However, editing some of the content in the
presentation is a different matter. When an object that’s available only in PowerPoint 2007
and higher, such as a SmartArt diagram or chart, is saved in 97-2003 format, PowerPoint
converts it to a graphic. It looks the same as it always did, but you cannot edit the object
in an earlier version as the type of content that it actually is.
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