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Checking Accessibility
If you plan to share a presentation fi le with someone who will need to edit it, it is a good
idea to run the Compatibility Checker to fi nd out exactly which parts of the presentation
may cause a problem. To run the Compatibility Checker, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Check Compatibility. The Microsoft
PowerPoint Compatibility Checker dialog box appears (Figure 20.6).
Check for Issues
Find out about potential problems that may occur when sharing the i le in
PowerPoint 97-2003 format.
2. Read the summary information that appears. If you do not understand one of
the messages, click its Help link to open a help document that explains it.
3. (Optional) To specify whether this check runs automatically when you save in
PowerPoint 97-2003 format, select or deselect the Check Compatibility When
Saving in PowerPoint 97-2003 Formats check box.
4. Click OK.
Embedded video in a presentation will play in PowerPoint 2007, even though PowerPoint 2007 does not support
inserting and modifying embedded video. Embedded video will not play in PowerPoint 2003. If you save a presenta-
tion containing embedded video in PowerPoint 97-2003 format, the video clips are saved as pictures.
Checking Accessibility
Accessibility refers to the ease with which someone using assistive technology is able to
navigate and use your data fi les. For example, if someone has a visual impairment, how
easy will it be for them to understand images on the slides? If someone cannot hear, will
they miss out on important points in your presentation that are audio-only?
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