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Limiting User Access to a Presentation
Limiting User Access to a Presentation
There are several ways of locking down a presentation, with varying degrees of security
and effectiveness. The following sections explain the most common methods.
Finalizing a Presentation
When the presentation is completely fi nished, you may want to mark it as fi nalized.
Finalizing a presentation doesn’t provide any “security,” per se, because it is easy to over-
ride. However, it prevents users from inadvertently making additional changes to it, and so
it gives you some measure of protection against unexpected modifi cations that can distort
your message. It can also serve as a warning; if a fi nalized presentation has been changed,
you can tell by checking to see if its fi nalized status is still enabled.
To mark a presentation as fi nal, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Mark as Final. A message appears
that the presentation will be marked as fi nal and then saved.
Protect Presentation
2. Click OK. A message appears, explaining that the presentation has been marked as
fi nal and that editing has been turned off for it, as shown in Figure 20.9.
This message appears after you mark a document as i nal.
When you mark a document as fi nal, an icon appears in the status bar to indicate that it is
fi nal, and the presentation becomes uneditable. [Read-Only] appears in the title bar, and
an information bar appears below the Ribbon (which is collapsed) letting you know that
document is marked as fi nal. An Edit Anyway button appears there; if you change your
mind about the presentation and need to edit it, you can click Edit Anyway to easily turn
off this attribute and edit it again, or choose File
Protect Presentation
Mark as
Final again to toggle off the Finalized status.
Encrypting a File with a Password
You can prevent unauthorized access to a PowerPoint fi le by assigning a password to it.
Without the password, nobody can open the fi le. To assign a password, follow these steps:
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