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Restricting Access
Microsoft version. Both PDF and XPS formats create static copies of your slides that anyone
with an appropriate reader can view. For PDF, the Adobe Reader program is available from . Windows Vista and higher, comes with a free XPS reader, and an XPS
reader is available for other operating systems from .
When you save your presentation in PDF or XPS format, the resulting document consists of
each of the slides arranged in the order in which they originally appear in the presentation.
No animations or transitions are present, and links to audio and video clips do not function.
To publish as PDF or XPS, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Create PDF/XPS. The
Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box opens. See Figure 20.10.
Create PDF/XPS Document
FIGURE 20.10
Save in PDF or XPS format.
Instead of step 1 you could choose File
Save As.
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