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Making a Movie DVD of a Presentation
FIGURE 20.11
Choose the video clip dimensions and the timing between slides.
5. In the Seconds Spent on Each Slide box, enter the number of seconds to use for
the default timing.
6. Click Create Video. The Save As dialog box opens.
7. Type a name for the video clip in the File Name box.
8. Open the Save as Type drop-down list and select the desired format.
9. Click Save.
10. Wait while the video is created. A progress bar shows on the status bar in
The presentation will run and be recorded in real time, so it takes as long to record
as the presentation would take to be shown. (You can’t watch it as it’s recording; it
happens behind the scenes.)
Making a DVD Movie of a Presentation
If you have Windows 7, you have access to Windows DVD Maker, and you can use it to
turn your presentation video (made in the preceding section) into a DVD that people with
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