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Presenting Online
ordinary noncomputer DVD players can watch on their TV sets. (People can watch them on
their computers too, if the computers have DVD movie players installed.)
Windows DVD Maker is not included in Windows 8. If you have Windows 8, you will need to use a third-party DVD
burning software instead.
The following are the steps for Windows DVD Maker. You can use any DVD creation software
you like, but you’ll need to consult the Help system in that program for the steps to take.
Here are the steps for Windows DVD Maker:
1. In Windows 7, choose Start
All Programs
Windows DVD Maker.
2. Click Choose Photos and Videos. (This step may not be necessary; it depends on
whether you have turned off the Welcome screen or not.)
3. Click Add Items. The Add Items to DVD dialog box opens.
4. Select the video you made of your PowerPoint presentation. (See the preceding
5. Click Add.
6. Click Next.
7. (Optional) Change any options as desired in the application.
8. Click Burn, and follow the prompts to complete the process.
Presenting Online
Presenting online (which was called presentation broadcasting in earlier PowerPoint ver-
sions) enables you to show your presentation in real time via a network. This makes it
possible for people to attend a live show when they cannot be there in person. It uses the
Offi ce Presentation Service, a free service that Microsoft makes available to PowerPoint
users. You need a Windows Live ID, which is also free.
Before it’s time to broadcast your presentation “for real,” you will probably want to do a
practice run to make sure you understand the broadcasting feature.
Follow these steps:
1. Choose Slide Show
Office Presentation
Service. The Present Online dialog box opens. See Figure 20.12.
Start Slide Show
Present Online
2. If desired, mark the Enable Remote Viewers to Download the Presentation
check box.
3. If there are any warnings in the dialog box, as in Figure 20.12, click their
hyperlinks to resolve the issues. For example, in Figure 20.12, you could click
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