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Presenting Online
Optimize Media. If you follow one of these hyperlinks, repeat steps 1 and 2 to
return to this spot after you are fi nished.
FIGURE 20.12
Choose whether remote viewers can download the presentation, and then connect
to a server.
4. Click Connect. You are connected to the broadcast server. (You may be prompted
for your Windows Live ID; sign in if prompted.) A link appears for participants to
use to see the broadcast.
5. Copy this link to the Clipboard (click Copy Link, or select it and press Ctrl+C)
and then paste it into an e-mail, instant message, or other medium through
which you want to share it with others. You can click Send in E-Mail to automati-
cally start a new e-mail containing the link.
6. Click Start Presentation. The show begins in Slide Show view on your PC.
7. Show the presentation as you would normally. When you are fi nished, Normal
view reappears.
8. On the Present Online tab on the Ribbon, click End Online Presentation.
9. At the confirmation box, click End Online Presentation.
As you are broadcasting, a Present Online tab appears in Normal view. (You can return to
Normal view at any time to work with it.) There you’ll fi nd the following options, as shown
in Figure 20.13:
Use Presenter View. If you have more than one monitor, you can choose to use
Presenter view on one of them by marking this check box.
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