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Working with the PowerPoint Viewer
FIGURE 20.13
Use the Present Online tab to set options for your broadcast.
Share Meeting Notes . When you click Share Meeting Notes, a Choose Notes to
Share with Meeting dialog box opens. Click the New Notebook button, and OneNote
appears. Use it to create a new notebook, and then close OneNote and return to
PowerPoint. In the Choose Notes to Share with Meeting dialog box, click the plus
sign next to the new notebook to view its sections; click New Section 1 to select it.
Then click the OK button to close the dialog box. The notebook opens in OneNote;
you can switch back and forth between this notebook and PowerPoint as the pre-
sentation progresses.
Send Invitations. Use this command to reopen the dialog box containing the link
to the presentation URL, in case you need to send it to anyone else.
Working with the PowerPoint Viewer
The PowerPoint Viewer is a utility that shows PowerPoint presentations but cannot edit
them. It is similar to being permanently in Slide Show view. If the computer on which you
will show the presentation does not have PowerPoint installed and you want to distribute
the presentation in PowerPoint format, you will need to also distribute PowerPoint Viewer
so the audience can view the presentation.
Downloading the PowerPoint Viewer
When you package a presentation on CD, the resulting disc includes a
PresentationPackage.html page, which opens automatically when the disc is inserted.
On this page is a link to download the PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft website, as
shown in Figure 20.14. Click the link and then follow the prompts.
You don’t have to do this on a PC that already has PowerPoint installed on it, but you may
want to anyway, just so you can understand the Viewer’s interface, which you’ll be asking
your audience to use.
Playing a Presentation with the PowerPoint Viewer
When you insert a presentation CD on a system that has either PowerPoint or the
PowerPoint Viewer installed, all you have to do is select the presentation’s link on the CD’s
navigation page; it opens in whichever of those programs you have.
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