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FIGURE 20.14
Open PresentationPackage.html and click the Download Viewer button.
You can also manually start up the PowerPoint Viewer and then manually load a presenta-
tion fi le. Here’s how to do that:
1. In Windows 7, choose Start
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Viewer 2007. Or, in Windows 8, from the Start screen, type powerpoint , and then
click Microsoft Offi ce PowerPoint Viewer 2007. (The fi rst time you run it, you have
to click Accept to accept the license agreement.)
A Microsoft Offi ce PowerPoint Viewer window opens, which is very much like the
Open dialog box in PowerPoint.
All Programs
2. Select the presentation you want to view. (Navigate to the CD if needed.)
3. Click Open. The presentation opens.
You can click to move to the next slide or press Backspace or the right arrow key to move
backward; the presentation tools do not appear in the lower-left corner as they do in the
full version of PowerPoint. However, you can right-click to open a menu that provides basic
controls, such as moving between slides, printing, and ending the show.
In this chapter, you learned how to prepare a presentation for mass distribution through
e-mail or the Internet and how to prepare a presentation for these distribution methods by
removing personal information and setting properties. You also learned how to save a pre-
sentation as a video and to make a DVD movie of the presentation.
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