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Editing and Deleting Comments
1. Display the slide on which you want to place the comment. If you want to attach
the comment to a specifi c object, select it.
2. On the Review tab, click New Comment. The Comments task pane opens, and a
new comment appears. The icon appears on the slide, and a text box in which you
can type the comment appears in the Comments pane.
If you did not choose a specifi c object in step 1, the comment icon is placed in the
top-left corner of the slide. Otherwise, a comment icon is placed adjacent to the
object you selected.
3. Type the comment into the box provided, as shown in Figure 21.1.
Type a comment in the text box in the Comments pane.
Click here to show or hide the Comments pane.
Comment text
Comment icon
4. Close the task pane, or leave it open if you are going to be creating more
Editing and Deleting Comments
Here’s how to manage existing comments:
To view a comment at any time, click the comment icon on the slide, and the
Comments pane reopens.
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