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Printing Comments
To delete a comment, point to the comment in the Comments pane so that an X
appears in the upper-right corner. See Figure 21.2. Then click the X to delete the
comment. Alternatively, you can right-click the comment icon on the slide and
choose Delete Comment.
To delete a comment, point to it, and then click the X in the corner.
Click here to delete the comment.
Click in the comment to edit it.
Reply to the comment here.
You do not have to delete the comments to hide them. Instead, you can click the Show Comments button on the
Review tab and then click Show Markup to toggle the comments on/off. Comments do not show in Slide Show view.
To reply to a comment, click in the Reply text box under the main comment, as
shown in Figure 21.2.
To edit the original comment, click the comment text in the task pane; the inser-
tion point moves into it so you can edit it.
The only places you can’t add comments are to the slide masters and layouts. If you want
to mark something up for a master or layout, you need to build a slide from that master or
layout and then add the comment.
If you have a tablet or touchscreen, you might want to comment on a document using the Ink feature, which enables
you to write directly on the slide with a stylus on your touchscreen. To use this feature, choose Review
Printing Comments
To print comments, choose File
Print and then click Full Page Slides, which displays a
menu. At the bottom of that menu, make sure that the Print Comments and Ink Markup
option is marked, as shown in Figure 21.3. The comments print on a separate page.
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