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Reviewing Comments
To use this feature, fi rst ensure that you have two PowerPoint fi les that contain essen-
tially the same presentation (but with some changes made to one copy). Let’s call them
presentation A and presentation B for the sake of this discussion. Decide which one you
want to be the original and which one you want to be the revision . Open the original one in
PowerPoint, and then do the following:
1. Choose Review
Compare. The Choose File to Merge with Current Presentation
dialog box opens.
2. Select the other version of the presentation and click Merge. The Revisions pane
opens and shows the fi rst change in the presentation, as shown in Figure 21.4. If
there are also new comments in the fi le, they appear in the Revisions pane with a
sticky-note icon.
The little notepad-and-pencil icon (revision icon) on the slide in Figure 21.4 repre-
sents one of the changes listed in the Revisions pane. You can click that icon to see
a pop-up explaining the change, as shown in Figure 21.4.
See the revisions made to the current slide.
Click the revision icon to open menu.
Each change can be individually accepted. Notice in Figure 21.4 the check boxes next to
each change listed in the pop-up; you can accept a change by clicking its check box to
mark it there. You can also accept a change by choosing Review
Accept. (Click
the face of the Accept button, not the arrow beneath it.)
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