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Sending a Presentation via E-Mail
3. Do any of the following:
To share with a particular user who has a user account and password, enter that
user’s name and click Add.
To share with everyone, type Everyone (or select Everyone from the drop-down
list) and click Add, as shown in Figure 21.6.
Share the folder with everyone by adding the Everyone group to the sharing list.
4. If you want to give the user(s) that you just added Read/Write access, click
Read on the row just added (for example, the Everyone row) and choose Read/
Write from the menu that appears. See Figure 21.7.
5. Click Share.
6. Click Done.
Sending a Presentation via E-Mail
You can e-mail a presentation fi le to others directly from within PowerPoint using your
default e-mail program, such as Outlook, Windows Mail, or Outlook Express. Recipients get
the presentation as an e-mail attachment, which they can then open in their own copies of
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