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Sharing a Presentation on Your SkyDrive
Set Read/Write access if desired.
To e-mail a presentation from within PowerPoint, follow these steps:
1. From an open presentation, choose File
Send as
Attachment. A new e-mail message opens in your default e-mail application with
the presentation set as an attachment, as shown in Figure 21.8.
2. Type or select the e-mail addresses for the recipients. The exact procedure
depends on the e-mail application you are using.
3. The default entry in the Subject line is the PowerPoint file’s name; change it if
4. If desired, in the body section of the e-mail, type a note telling the recipients
what you have attached and what you want them to do with the presentation.
5. Click Send.
Sharing a Presentation on Your SkyDrive
As you learned back in Chapter 2, “Creating and Saving Presentation Files,” SkyDrive is a
free online repository where you can save fi les that you want to make available—either
to yourself or to others—from within PowerPoint, from File Explorer (Windows 8) or
Windows Explorer (Windows 7), or via a web interface, from anywhere that Internet access
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