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Inviting People to View Your Shared Presentation
is available. This is a great feature because it eliminates the need to carry around a disk
or fl ash drive with your presentation on it. Just log into the Internet and there it is! You’ll
learn much more about SkyDrive in Appendix B, “Essential SkyDrive Skills.”
PowerPoint helps you e-mail presentations easily.
You can easily share your SkyDrive fi les with other people. There are a variety of ways to
do so. You can send e-mail, post a link to Facebook, or create a hyperlink that you can then
share with others any way you like (such as pasting it into the HTML for a web page or
pasting it into an instant messaging program).
The following sections assume that your presentation fi le is already stored on your
SkyDrive. If it isn’t, save it there, as you learned in Chapter 2.
Inviting People to View Your Shared Presentation
For other people to view fi les on your SkyDrive, they need a hyperlink that provides the
location. You can send such a hyperlink to people via e-mail from within PowerPoint. (You
can also do it from outside of PowerPoint, as explained in Appendix B.)
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