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Inviting People to View Your Shared Presentation
To send an e-mail invitation, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Invite People. Controls appear for composing an e-mail
2. In the Type Names or E-Mail Addresses box, type the e-mail address(es).
3. By default, the link sent allows the recipient to edit the file. If you do not want
them to be able to, open the Can Edit drop-down list and choose Can View. See
Figure 21.9.
Send an e-mail invitation to view your presentation on your SkyDrive.
4. If desired, enter a personal message to include with the invitation.
5. If desired, mark the Require User to Sign In Before Accessing Document check
box. If you mark this check box, only people with a Microsoft account will be able
to see your fi le.
6. Click Share. The e-mail is sent.
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